Stress has been a key factor that contributes to our skin’s lack of vitality. Enter the 5th Generation of Clarins Multi-Active products refreshed with a cell-targeting system by delivering encapsulated antioxidants to boost collagen-producing fibroblasts – the gatekeepers of our youth.

The Clarins Multi-Active line offers a range of different textures for day and night, catering to various skin types and concerns. The day-specific products incorporate Myrothamnus and Teasel, potent antioxidants that counteract damaging free radicals triggered by pollution or internally when our body is stressed by exhaustion or hormones.

The night creams are enriched with organic California poppy and Ginger Lily which regenerate overnight and stimulates collagen production, correcting the appearance of fine lines.

Clarins Multi-Active Day Emulsion

Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream

The Day Emulsion is lightweight and suffices when I choose to work from home. I’m particularly biased towards the cream version because it’s denser and allows foundation to adhere better, and thus last longer.

One aspect that’s missing from both products is SPF which works in my favor as I’m able to control the amount (using UV Plus sunscreens) as it varies on a day-to-day basis.

What I didn’t like was its lack of oil-control properties, finding myself blot every so often but the situation can always be salvaged with regular use of sebum-absorbing clay masks – the TSURURI ones are in my current rotation.

While the day versions are easily discernible, I couldn’t say the same for their night counterparts: the silky textures and densities of Night Cream Light and Night Cream Comfort are almost similar and my skin absorbs both products easily without much fuss.

However one main difference between the 2 can be distinguished the next morning: my skin is much oilier with the heavier moisturizer. Eventually I decided to stop pairing it with Double Serum – which I’ve been using faithfully every night.

Overall the Multi-Active line is another winner in my books: they particularly helped to reduce my laugh lines which I took care to apply on day and night. Perhaps for Generation 6 they could incorporate ingredients to regulate sebum production – that would be perfect!

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