It’s been a while since I’ve done a Watsons run, ever since online shopping has brought so much convenience. However this recent trip reminded me how annoying store promoters can be, hovering around and trying to persuade you to get the products they’re can get commission from – which is understandable – but to nay-say their competitors is why I would rather shop in the comfort of my own home.

I’ve been wanting to get TSURURI products for the longest time but these Japanese products have been so crazy-popular that walking out of the store empty-handed happened time and time again! Thankfully my luck changed and got the following:

TSURURI Point Clay Pack Ghassoul And Red Clay Powder
Targeted for nose and T-Zone areas only!

Containing Ghassoul Clay (Morocco Lava Clay) which acts an absorbent to eliminate oily build-up from the nose and T-Zone area. After 5-10 minutes as the thin layer of product dries up, you can see the oil spots appearing on the surface. It will probably take a few uses to remove the most stubborn blackheads but to improve efficacy, use a cloth to exfoliate.

TSURURI Mild Sea Clay Pack
Suitable for those with sensitive and dry skin, this mask pack also contains Ghassoul Clay as well as Okinawan Sea Clay and Red Coral Powder to eradicate dead skin cells. Love the instant brightening effect after one use! It also has Olive Oil to retain moisture. I do feel my pores are cleaner after each use, skin is less oily without it being over-drying.

LuLuLun Blue Face Masks
These Extra Moisture sheet masks are my absolute favorite from the Japanese brand but I was forced to get the travel pack as the 30-pc was nowhere to be found.

I Love… Cosmetics Mango & Papaya Bubble Bath & Shower Creme
This UK brand was a random pick-up which caught my heart with its sweet-smelling mango and papaya combination which actually smelled citrusy! It comes in an almost-jello consistency which, unfortunately, doesn’t create “rich fragrant bubbles” and the scent doesn’t linger on the skin once I walk out of the bath. Not likely to re-purchase!

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