Considered one of the bestsellers in the Japanese skincare market, LuLuLun masks are readily available at Tokyu Hands Singapore and comes in a variety of quantitative sets (7 days, 1 month, 10pcs, etc). I went for the 7-Day no-frills packs that are not only perfect for travel but also gives the skin a well moisturized 1-week therapy.

A good benchmark of the facial mask starts with its cloth material; SexyLook sets the gold standard with thicker but comfortable cotton cloth and fits my contours properly.

LuLuLun’s mask doesn’t fit snugly around my face contours but the serum-saturated material is very thin and comfortable. At a slightly higher price point, it lacks that premium feel which SexyLook’s offers.

LuLuLun White Whitening Face Masks
This brightening product contains Vitamin C derivatives and Geranium extracts to perk up your skin to give it a moisturized glow whilst blocking out damaging UV rays.

LuLuLun Precious Red Anti-Aging Face Masks
Specifically formulated for aging skin, the essence is rich with Rice Bran oil, extracts and ceramides to boasts peptides and collagen to eliminate dryness and dehydration.

LuLuLun Blue Face Masks
Infused with triple the amount of Lipudure know for its high moisturizing efficiency, as well as Royal Jelly which promotes collagen production. This is my favorite out of the bunch: I find it too rich for night but makes an absolute perfect pre-makeup prep!

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