So we’ve just concluded the very first week of 2013. WOAH, WHERE DID THE TIME GO? Seemed like it was mere days ago where I was savoring the last bit of Toffee Nut Latte before the seasonal delight goes back into hibernation.

Speaking of cyclic, I’m trying to restrict myself to a MeltyKiss every 2 days due to low supplies (lol). I stocked up over the holidays but sent a few to friends residing overseas and forgot to keep the tally for my sweet tooth. There’s still 5 precious chocolate cubes in the fridge, and hopefully I’ll have the very last one sitting by me as I type out the Week 2 edition.

I have this bad habit of not moving my ass until I’ve finished whatever writing assignment that’s available. This is partly the reason why Milo’s looking rather pudgy nowadays – grey clouds would gather by the time I’m done, which is around evening time, and then the poor fellow had to stay indoors and do his own laps around the house with stuffed teddy gripped tightly in his jaws. There’s also the grunting he makes to make his frustrations known.

This bugger used to pee at noticeable places –out of spite– whenever the humans leave the house without him. Now older but his mentality somewhat reduced to a 2-year-old toddler, he would whine and growl. I have that on film, which was taken last week, and hopefully will be ready next weekend☆

With my ass constantly on the chair, I hate racking my brains on day-to-day meals. Besides, the 3 food centers near my place don’t serve spectacular food that deserves frequent patronage. Apart from relying on home deliveries(not much options either and 80% restaurants registered with FoodPanda don’t cater to my neck of the woods, darn-it!), I cook.

Simple fanfare that feeds both the canine and myself; while Milo chows down his boiled macaroni, I stir-fried my share with Balachan Chilli, which consisted of shrimp paste, chilli, sugar and salt. Ingredients-wise, it depends on what’s available in the fridge. At the time of point-and-shoot, I had only eggs since the family’s been too busy between work and visiting Grandma at the hospital. PizzaHut’s cheese blend is the perfect pasta condiment, must try!

I haven’t set myself any resolution for a while, save for last year to which I did revisit most of the neglected items in my stash. 2013, however, I would like to spice things up a bit. For every skincare or makeup item I buy, $1 goes into the jar. These funds will go into some thing(s) splurge-worthy, we’ll see! Can you count how much I’ve put in already? (つд⊂)

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2 responses to “2013: Week 1”

  1. Meryl says:

    That is such a great idea! There you can track how many items you’ve gotten over the year! I shall do that too!

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