December 21st, 2012 is here, and there’s nothing weird happening to the world…yet. While some of us fret over the “impending end of the world” (there’s live updates via Huffington Post), how about some on-the-spot relief? Courtesy of Origins Singapore, I was delighted to receive this thoughtful Christmas token although there was a brief misunderstanding that one might think I’ve gone bonkers after that bout of food poisoning.

Origins Peace of Mind® On-The-Spot Relief is a stress buster with a therapeutic blend of essential oils(Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Basil). Their curative uses include minimizing migraines, muscle pains, fatigues etc. They help stimulate the senses to spiritually refocus, improving concentration and alertness as well.

Available in a travel-friendly bottle, the one I was sent came in a tube with a roller applicator. I assume that the latter isn’t available to the masses given the “Not For Individual Sale” fine print.

Another assumption I’d made, absurdly hilarious by the way, was that this was a spot-spot reliever. As in healing zits! After briefly slacking in my skincare regimen, whiteheads started appearing and yes, you guessed it! I rolled the applicator over affected areas for couple of days, and kept wondering why the mild irritation isn’t making any healing progress until I googled the product. Oh boy!

Thank goodness my condition wasn’t exacerbated by the essential oils. In fact, Eucalyptus has antibacterial, decongestant and anti-inflammatory attributes so there’s no major harm done. Also I had Estée Lauder Maximum Cover [Write-Up ] during this crucial time to conceal those hideous blemishes!

The suggested application spots are the key pressure points such as your earlobes and temples. I like to give it a go under my nose which helps to curb the desire to snack, then roll the applicator on the back of the neck, shoulders which helps to relieve headaches. Lastly, I apply on the temples to release tension.

As for the minor breakout, kudos to Ciracle Red Spot Healing Cream (S$25.90); the balm is pretty effective in healing troubled skin without drying the epidermis, unlike ICM Pharma Acne Clear Pimple Treatment Cream [ REVIEW ]. Available at BHG outlets and www.Ciracle.SG

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2 responses to “Bust “Mayan Apocalypse” Stress With Origins”

  1. Candice says:

    What a silly blunder but at least it shows you’re human^^

    HEY! We made it through 211212!!!

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