Vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid) plays a defensive role in preventing oxygen-based impairment to our cells, and stimulates collagen production, protects skin against sun damage and imparts brightening properties. Heavily used in the brand’s The Microdelivery Peel [ REVIEW ], it also enhances the effectiveness of microdermabrasions and peels.

Philosophy Turbo Booster C PowderS$50
At 99.8% potency, the highly effective antioxidant comes in a topical powder that can be paired with either a serum or moisturizer.

Comes with a scoop that easily fits into the tiny opening of the opaque bottle.

The recommended dosage is either half or a full scoop; purging may happen to some so I would advise to start off small and then go on full-turbo once your skin gets the hang of the product’s efficacy.

Allow me to be a prime example – I started off with a full scoop (usage spanned 3 consecutive days) and suffered a horrific breakout that took weeks to heal. Fortunately when I eventually returned to the product, minor sporadic spots appeared overnight but none of those obnoxious headless blemishes.

The 3 featured products represent archetypes of serums and moisturizers to pair with the Turbo Booster C Powder. Since powder absorb moisture, the crucial key is choosing a product with a high water content.

Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough Hydrating Antioxidant Serum
A dream combination that the brand strongly encouraged; the water-based serum is a favorite – it’s hydrating and firms the skin. The blend left a tacky film on my palms but the stickiness was minimal on my face.

Philosophy Hope In A Jar (Original) [ REVIEW ]
Another brand recommendation which was an absolute disaster in my case; the formula had already disintegrated and couldn’t spread uniformly on the skin. Having already lost a substantial amount of moisture, the mixture spelled total chaos and gets all patchy and it flakes at the slightest tuck…TSK!

Origins Make A Difference™ Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment [ Write-Up ]
My ideal half of the power duo; the high water content in the gel consistency is a huge attribute and both components compliment each other without overriding their respective territories. When mixed, the powder merely absorbed the moisture it needs and the remainder is sopped up by the skin without feeling parched. The overall feel is absolute velvety, and excess shine is absorbed by the powder.

Following a 2-month daytime usage, I see an improvement in radiance and luminosity, apart from the hormonal days that occur every month. I have since stopped and will resume in alternate months. The purging has also ceased after the initial breakout.

Philosophy products are available at TANGS Orchard and, Sephora across 5 locations in Singapore – ION Orchard, Ngee Ann City, Vivocity, Bugis+ & Marina Bay Sands.

Special thanks to the brand’s local trainer Penny, for her radical advice and concern.

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