In life you keep getting thrown off-course and, it is always constant and unexpected. I have gone through several crappy situations and you know what they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The teasings, the condescensions and other nonsense that people throw at you, thank them sincerely and take it as a learning curve. It is also the perfect time to reflect and sort out the weeds – people who could stick through thick and thin with you, and then those who are mere passers-by.

….and then there’s Milo whom I love unconditionally. This little rascal could either send jolts of laughter or make you fuming mad with his tempermental tantrums.

Because his brain seems to be the size of a pea, and that of his woefully short attention span, I would have him repeat the few mastered-commands everyday. Just the other day, Milo turned the tables and refused to high-five me! Instead he would place his paw on everything else but on my palm, and his smirk was unmissable!

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