The Advanced Marine Biology Collection is a showcase of the prestige brand’s advanced aquaculture technology – it harness the protective, prophylactic powers of sea-sourced substances without depleting nature’s resources. [ Advanced Marine Biology Write-Up ]

La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Tonic
A triple-phase serum with a proactive formula and innovative delivery system to revitalize skin with a bouquet of natural active ingredients at the precise moment of application. Like all La Prairie products, it is infused with the exclusive Cellular Complex to stimulate skin’s natural regeneration process and encourages optimal functioning.

Blue Water Phase
※ brightens & evens complexion while enhancing skin’s energy & vitality
※ stimulates collagen synthesis, firms and improves elasticity
※ soothes irritation and inhibits appearance of redness & inflammation

Golden Oil Phase
※ contains de-aging antioxidants for advanced protection against free radicals
※ natural oils to revitalize skin

Clear Oxygen Phase
※ infuses oxygen into the skin to enhance complexion

Shake the bottle to combine the 3 phases and you’ll see a sea-blue concoction.

Application is easy although it can be a tad messy; pour onto your palms and pat into skin with fingertips. I wish the dispenser would align with the bottle, as the solution slides down the sides of the bottle as well as my palms. Given its hefty price tag, it jolts me every time I see the product drips onto the floor.

The Tonic is hydrating albeit a tad oily; I reckon the slick consistency aims to mimick our skin’s natural oils, restoring pH balance since it’s meant to be use after cleansing. Skin feels instantly moisturized with a thin layer of oil with a plumping effect.

The product also a refreshing menthol scent that jolts the skin in a bid to jump-start the skincare regimen, although it did sting on open wounds. There is a subtle radiance boost in the first week of usage, that’s about it.

Twice daily, I would apply 2 turns after cleansing, and sometimes right before makeup so foundation doesn’t set into my laugh lines. It also works great to freshen up my afternoon. Follow up either with a serum or moisturizer.

The Advanced Marine Biology Collection is now available at all La Prairie counters

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  1. Antonia says:

    Hey there! Um, can you use cotton pad instead?

  2. Shennie Yong says:

    I absolutely love this range from La Prairie!!

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