This was to be my next attempt at the Gilded Fade Manicure, but this batch of latex sponges I’d just gotten seems to be having a bad day. After 6 frustrating tries that included re-applying base coat and color when the tool failed to accomplish my initial vision, I decided to give up and opt for simple French tips at the last hour.

Revlon Nail Enamel in Crème Brûlée
A metallic Champagne-Beige with gold shimmers

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color in Black Tie
A prismy multichrome that shifts between charcoal, turquoise and purple.

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3 responses to “Black Tie(d) with Crème Brûlée”

  1. Cassidy says:

    Creme brûlée is one of my favourite nail colors!

  2. Kathy says:

    The Revlon polish is a nice surprise! I didn’t like the color at the store but will go swatch the next time I’m at Walmart! May I know where you get those stickers? Thank You!

    • Joyce September says:

      Hey Kathy! Those stickers were purchased years ago so I don’t remember :( They are not of the best quality anyway..

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