Launched just in time for the holiday season where parties are aplenty, is the much-talked about “Twisturn” Turnliners from Clio Professional. Expect vivid, pearlescent pigments with 3D dimensions, dispensed in a twist-turn (hence the cheeky name!) mechanism.

Available in 8 shades – #1 Star Silver, #2 Star Gold, #3 Brown Earth, #4 Urban Khaki, #5 Stage Navy, #6 Night Purple, #7 Club Black & #8 Urban Black.

The colors can be used in various combinations, as demonstrated by spokesperson Hyori.

There is a ring lock on every new eyeliner which creates a barrier to prevent the liquid product from leaking. Simply remove it, push down and twist to ensure the dial is in place, and there you go!

I really should wear green more often, isn’t Urban Khaki gorgeous?! In the flesh, it is a forest green with a tinge of olive sparkles. Night Purple is a more of a dark navy purple, which explains why it shows up more blue on camera. In contrast, the Gelpresso version that goes by the same name has a darkened base with a prettier pansy violet hue.

The formula is incredibly long-lasting, even on oily lids. The Gelpresso liners are just as much enduring but they budge when wiped off with a tissue. In contrast, the turnliners just stay on all day once they are set.

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EOTD featuring Urban Khaki

The Clio Pressional Waterproof Turnliners retail for S$23.90, and is available at selected Watsons outlets.

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6 responses to “Amp Up With CLIO’s Twisturn Turnliners”

  1. Britannia says:

    Yeah you should wear green more often! The look is so pretty!

  2. Peiqi says:

    The greens look great on you! Mind if I ask what brand you use?

  3. MandyI says:

    Agree with the rest! Green looks good on you because you have brown eyes!

    What eyebrow pencil do you use? Thanks!

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