Premium Swiss brand La Prairie recently launched another new power player, synergizing incompatible elements in a single vial to “fortify the skin’s natural renewal functions,” producing a triple-action benefit – Retexture, Recharge and Revitalize.

Built upon the breakthrough skin-renewal energy brilliance that was first introduced in the Cellular Power Infusion, it boosts the skin’s energy supply, improves cellular communication as well as supports the structural rebuilding of skin tissue.

What distinguishes the Cellular Power Charge Night serum from the Infusion is the addition of time-released Retinol and energizing oxygen support system. This ingenious formula takes advantage of the natural resting state while your body is asleep and skin is most receptive to rejuvenating treatments.

The groundbreaking catalyst of the Night Serum lies in the storage of 2 age-inhibiting ingredients too potent to be combined, as well as stability issues when Retinol is combined with Oxygen. La Prairie developed a revolutionary dual-stream delivery system that holds both elements in separate chambers: one containing smooth, microencapsulated Retinol cream, and the other, a silken blue oxygen power gel.

Power of 3 never-before-combined active ingredients

Microencapsulated time-release Activated Retinol – effective anti-aging agent that stimulates natural cell turnover, encourages collagen and elastic production, as well as negates the possibility of irritation and dryness.

Skin Renewal Peptides – maintain natural epidermal stem cell function by ensuring a supply of “newborn” cells when needed to ignite cellular energy.

Oxygen Accelerator – stores oxygen from the atmosphere and releases into skin cells when needed; intensifies the cell turnover process stimulated by the Retinol, bringing a surge of “fresh air” to oxygen-depleted skin cells.

Key Hydrators & Conditioners:
Exclusive Cellular Complex – stimulates skin’s natural regeneration process with nutrients that encourage optimal functioning
Salicornea Extract – supports water retention by driving moisture into the cells; counteracts dehydrating effect of using Retinol
Sunflower Seed Oil – maintains skin’s lipid barrier over night
Grapefruit Extract & Vitamin E – offer soothing properties and antioxidant protection

Designed as a standalone serum, no other treatment should precede application especially when the efficacy of Retinol is best demonstrated when applied directly to the skin. Cellular Powder Charge Night is now available at all La Prairie counters, retailing for S$780(40ml).

Even sample-sized products contain separate chambers to accommodate the potent ingredients. Stay tuned for a follow-up review.

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2 responses to “La Prairie – Cellular Power Charge Night // Catalyst to Nighttime Skin Renewal”

  1. Penny says:

    May I know if this is supposed to be used with a moisturizer?

    • Joyce September says:

      It’s designed to be a standalone serum, meaning you don’t need another treatment serum when using this product. Although it’s moisturizing, you might need a moisturizer if you sleep in an A/C room, and to lock in nutrients from the Powder Charge Night serum.

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