Beblesh Balms aka B.B Creams have never quite hit home for me – they are slightly thicker than the usual liquid foundations, and leave a sticky feel which will, given my combination skin type, in turn looking like a grease ball. Most come in 1 shade which might not be suitable for many, with tendencies to leave a greyish cast. All these issues don’t faze my mother, probably because her drier skin is able to lock in its rich consistency.

Surprisingly, the Lovely Girl B.B Cream counteracts the above issues one by one. Aimed to mimic baby-soft skin, it is packed with vitamins and minerals that feeds nutrients, and restore health and youth to the skin. The lightly-textured consistency is similar with other liquid foundations, like BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Gel Foundation and CLARINS Skin Illusion.

As with all B.B Creams I blend using my fingers, dotting the product on areas that need to be evened out. Providing a light but buildable coverage, I followed up with another layer or two, solely on blemishes and shadows under my eyes. Unfortunately I still prefer using my trusty ZA Concealer for a flawless complexion. The cream may be a tad bit lighter, but doesn’t leave me looking ghastly like a wayang.

For a product that targets young girls and claims to prevent shine with the use of porosity powder, oil control is a disappointment, considering hormones imbalance brought on by puberty. The finish looks natural, perhaps a little dewy. If you have oily skin and insist on using it, I suggest to bring blotting utilities along with you, or make a quick trip to Starbucks for a napkin. Despite its flaws, this is my favorite out of the bunch of B.B creams.

VIP Gold Super Plus; Lovely Girl and Vital B.B Creams
VIP Gold Super Plus used to be my favorite before Lovely Girl came along – boasts better coverage but has the tendency to oxidize. Vital imparts a subtle tightening effect and when applied, the beige-y creme reduces my skin tone 2 shades lighter. Normally with B.B Creams, I would give at least a 15-minute incentive for the product to settle and blend into my skin but this one simply refuses to budge.

Note: I don’t consider RACHEL K Mineral CC Cream to be in the same ‘league’ as the rest in the market. Perhaps the other 2 shades might make a run for their money, but the one I own in Neutral is more of a skin tone corrector.

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3 responses to “REVIEW | SKIN79 Lovely Girl B.B Cream, and then some”

  1. Cindy Ong says:

    I didn’t like the vital one also…too pale from my neck and body! Where to buy the Lovely Girl BN cream? Thanx You!

  2. Megan says:

    Im using missha and just dont like it. not suitable for oily skin and leaves a grey-ish cast all over the face. dont like!1

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