Dehydrated skin can be caused by cold weather or sleeping in an air-conditioned room, in which they suck moisture right out of your skin. Another reason could be the use of harsh products, resulting in the skin stripped of its natural oils. When that happens, our oil glands will overcompensate by producing more oil that leads to clogged pores and breakouts.

Facial oils make an ideal candidate for they restore skin’s equilibrium by replacing loss of natural oils, and strengthen skin’s natural defense system. These lubricants often incorporate essential oils that are known to deliver therapeutic benefits as well as eliminating toxins from the body.

Besides CLARINS Facial Treatment Oils, here are several options you can consider:

PAUL & JOE BEAUTE Facial Treatment OilBOBBI BROWN EXTRA Face OilCOSME DECORTE AQ Facial Pure OilDARPHIN Aromatic CareJOSIE MARAN 100% Pure Argan OilKOSE DEW SUPERIOR Oil Essence Concentrate

More massage techniques to employ along with your products:

■ warm up 3-4 drops of oil with your palms before massaging into skin. Leave on a warm towel and relax for the next 3 minutes ■ Lightly press the temples with your ring fingers. Move in and massage your eye contours to encourage blood circulation ■ Improve lymph flow by using your knuckles and move from the jaw, ending the action behind your ears.

■ Warm up 2-3 drops and lightly press on your T-Zone ■ Using 4 fingers, lightly press on cheeks, neck and the area under your ears. Refrain from rubbing to prevent the skin from producing more oil. Use a tissue to blot any excess afterwards.

Here’s 2 more suggestions to intergrate facial oils into your regimen:
■ Using a 1:6 ratio, mix in 1 drop of oil with your toner on hot, summer days/nights. Best to avoid toners with whitening properties or any rich formulas to avoid any clash of ingredients

■ To freshen up your skin right before makeup, apply 3 drops’ worth of oil and massage into skin before applying your sheet mask. This will accelerate the effectiveness of your mask.

■ Besides using on split ends, it can moisturize your feet by soaking them into warm water before applying all over, then leave in a plastic wrap for 20 minutes.

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    I really appreciate the effort you put in your website! Could you please review the Clarin oils please?

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    I’ve Josie Maran Argan Oil but doesn’t work for me. Hope you will post a review of the Blue Orchid Oil soon. Thank You!

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