Released mid-2011, I have been holding out on this makeup base due to lack of reviews. Up till yesterday I was still apprehensive about it, and so made my rounds at various counters scattered across town. My reason for this, is that different BAs give different suggestions which often lead to mixed opinions.

First I saw no difference in skin tone while self-testing at Sephora, probably due to the harsh lighting. Then the BA at DFS managed to convinced me otherwise, at the same time pointing out my uneven skin tone, no thanks to the ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear and its tendency to oxidize. Then I got snubbed at the TANGS counter, and may I add, the displayed sample was awfully dried out! Eventually the lovely representative at Takashimaya earned my moohlah, and offered samples without prompting.

DIORSKIN Skin-Refining Pro Lighting Makeup BaseS$58
An ideal complement to foundations, and helps assimilate their skincare ingredients; claims to be the 1st skin-refining makeup base that improves foundation hold, and boasts of the same, instantaneous effect as a professional photographer’s lighting, for perfect and luminous skin. Comes with SPF20 PA+. [ REVIEW ]

Available in 2 shades – the pinkish undertone of 01 Radiant Rose flatters fair skin, and corrects sallowness. 02 is slightly peachy, and recommended for darker skin tones.

There was an obvious brightening difference, under the guidance of the BA, and the texture ain’t as tacky as SHU UEMURA UV under base mousse.

While the DIORSKIN Base is of a fluid consistency, Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Refining Base SPF25 PA++ feels more like a lotion given that it’s formulated for mature skin. Capture Totale is a transcendent anti-aging collection that allows vital cells to maintain regenerative potential and stimulates skin’s youth factors. This primer develops a screen of corrective light on skin, neutralizing imperfections and illuminates complexion.

DIORSNOW, the brand’s premium 24-hour whitening program, reveals the crucial role of DNA in all 5 transparency criteria Evenness, Luminosity, Moisture, Plumpness and Fineness, and directly targets the heart of cells to restore a natural healthy and radiant glow. The White Reveal Fresh Creme is a lightweight brightening moisturizer that offers 24-hour hydration, and comes packed with spectacular plumping action. Long-term usage reveals an improvement of the transparency of the skin that glows with pure and natural radiance.

Have you made a beauty-related splurge yet? If so, what did you get?

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2 responses to “2012’s 1st Beauty Purchase – DIORSKIN Radiant Base”

  1. Christine Lim says:

    I also visit different counters because the bas say different things. Like you, I decide the best counter to earn my money lol! Hope to see you wear the base, the description sounded promising.

  2. Cheryl Y. says:

    I’m rather curious with the effect of this product. Hope to see a FOTD soon :-D

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