I’d received the new Lovely Girl BB Cream from the kind folks at SKIN79, and promptly took it out for a trial since there’s errands to be done. Hence I will include first impressions, and swatches in this entry. The product isn’t exactly new, for it has been available in other Asian and US markets for a few years. Better later than never, this exciting BB cream is finally available, at selected Watsons stores.

Protection, Proper Nourishment and Intense Hydration – SKIN79 understands these attributing factors that could mimic the soft and velvety skin texture of newborns. Dubbed as the Queen of BB creams, the Korean-based brand combines “its strength in product innovation and expertise in skin treatment to launch another revolutionary BB cream, aimed at achieving baby soft skin.”

Right; Jolin Tsai, SKIN79 Celebrity Ambassador

SKIN79 Lovely Girl BB CreamS$21.90 [REVIEW]
To imitate newborns’ enviable skin texture, the formulation is mild and gentle, whist “providing adequate nourishment, 24 hour moisture, and protection that our skin needs.”

Formulated for oily/combination and sensitive skin types, it is made up of natural ingredients:
• Mulberry and Marigold Extracts rejuvenate and lock in moisture
• Herb Complex and Chlorella Extract protect and heal the skin; brighten dull complexion
• Excellent porosity powder good at sebum absorption

Unlike their other BB creams, Lovely Girl‘s consistency is significantly lighter and comes with a fruity/berry scent. The peachy-pinkish packaging threw me off initially, for I had expected a pink shade of cream. The tube oozes a nude beige hue that leaves a slight whitish cast. I use CANMAKE Marshmallow Finish Powder – it imparts some coverage to rectify the paleness from the cream. (Not shown)

Despite its sheerness, a thin layer suffices to even out my complexion. As for sebum control, I’ll have to try out couple more times to give a fair verdict.

For contrast purposes, I did a comparison with Lovely Girl alongside Rachel K CC Cream, a product I have come to embrace for its matte finish.

Included in the press kit is a girly compact. Besides a cushy puff, the interior of the container is lined with a thin layer of shimmer powder. Unfortunately it is not for sale.

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  1. Reena says:

    this BB cream sounds amazing! I haven’t tried it yet… I’ve been using the Skin Food Agave BB cream for some time now…

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