I guess by now, most of us are too familiar with BB Creams. To recap: they are used as either a makeup base, primer, foundation or all of the above. Simply put, a multipurpose wonder. What makes them appealing than regular foundations, is that they contain benefits that treat the skin while having your makeup on.

The downside of BB Creams is the offering of limited shades, usually light ones that often result in a greyish cast. They impart light to medium coverage, and usually comes with UV protection. Some also claim to have whitening properties and wrinkle improvements.

The brand is founded and named after Miss Singapore Universe 2009, Rachel Kum. Following her passion for love of nature and beauty, she dedicated 2 years in research and formulated her very own cosmetics line -with the efforts of chemists and established aesthetic doctors- that fulfills her ideals in what makes a good brand of makeup – “good texture, even coverage and comfortable skin interaction.”

Launched earlier this year, RACHEL K has already garnered raving reviews from makeup artists and her fellow beauty queens. It is supposedly the “first makeup brand in Asia to be marketed and supported by pageant and beauty queens from around the world.” [Source]

RACHEL K Mineral Color Control Blemish Balm
Tagged as a “much-improved and refined” new generation of the BB Cream, the Mineral CC Cream enjoys additional perks than its predecessor:
White Tea Extract – contains antioxidants more formidable than green due to less processing; combats free radicals, protects skin from environmental aggressors; boosts immunity of skin cells and prevents wrinkling and pigmentation.
Green Tea Leaf Extract – rich in antioxidants; boasts anti-inflammatory and natural disinfecting properties
Deep Sea Water – improves ability to permeate skin with resilience and moistness.
Macadamia Nut Oil – contains high content of Palmitoleic Acid -essential component of human sebum- that is lost with aging.
Natural Vitamin E – aids in reducing pigmentation whilst maintaining skin’s oil balance and aids water retention.

With the presence of Epidermal Growth Factor that stimulates collagen production and speeds up skin regeneration, the CC cream also treats and even out skin tone effectively. It’s also a tad less oily than the regular BB Cream; and has a greater advantage in whitening, wrinkle-improvement with a better coverage.

I’ve been using this consistently after purchase, and neglecting my other foundations because I love its consistency that is not too thick nor runny. The product oozes a pale, salmon-colored formula and brightens and evens out my skin tone rather well. It works incredulously well as a color corrector that neutralizes redness albeit subtle, which requires less concealer.

I like the semi-matte finish the CC Cream provides, and imparts a subtle glow that remains apparent when set with powder. You may use as a makeup base and go over with foundation for better coverage, but it functions well as both products combined.
The pink neutral shade blends ideally into the skin, feels very light and has a faint smell that brings Lux soap to mind. As for those with darker/tanned skin, LisaLisaD1 gave a perfect demonstration on using the product; she applied it like she would with a foundation and you can see the obvious light tint that contrasted with her skin. Unlike BB creams which convey a washed-out look in most cases, the natural tone of your skin “returned” after buffering powder in but doesn’t take away the luminous glow from the CC Cream.

However you don’t really need that much product on your face. Simply dab a little on areas that needed to be corrected and utilized the warmth emitted from your fingers to pat the cream in. It fared decently in lightening my dark circles but I still needed more coverage.

There was only 1 available shade when I’d gotten this 2 months ago. It appears that more selections have been released recently, presumably for darker skin tones. The RACHEL K cosmetics range is available exclusively at Watsons.

There are indeed 3 available shades; the one featured in this review is Neutral.

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  1. Tammy Faris says:

    This sounds like what I could splurge on but seems to be only selling at watsons. I only have CVS and Walgreens here =3

  2. Celia Tang says:

    I can’t wait to get mine this weekend! Thanks for the review

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