The WhitePlus HP skincare range is formulated to counteract hyper-pigmentation, improves micro-circulation to boost complexion radiance and also reduces inflammation of skin cells. It boosts of an exceptional active plant ingredient – Sea Lily Extract which is capable of lessening the concentration of melanin, therefore the skin is better protected against any threatening development of dark pigmentation.

Following the success of the Smoothing Serum and Day Emulsion in 2010, CLARINS delves “even further in high performance brightness and sensoriality” with the launch of 3 more skincare products from the whitening line to complement every beauty routine.

CLARINS WhitePlus HP Renewing Gentle ExfoliatorS$60

Contains 2 types of microbeads that work in synergy for gentle exfoliation: one made from silica for exfoliating to lift off impurities, dead cells and clear pores; another made from plan cellulose to refine skin texture and revive complexion radiance. The product is further enriched with brightening active ingredients to leave skin perfectly clear and even out complexion.

This product took me a while to get the hang of it. The texture albeit creamy can be tricky to spread and what I normally do is by having the exfoliator placed on one palm then warmed up by rubbing gently against with another palm. This is just how I would apply my serums and moisturizers. I emphasized the word because creating friction will reduce the efficacy of the product. Also, I find application is easier on dry instead of damp skin.

CLARINS Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel S$65

The formula is based on very gentle fruit acids derived from tamarind fruit that “breaks the intercellular links that still join partially separated surface cells and so encourages their natural elimination.” In a nutshell, the product works on the basis of loosening dead skin cells to speed up cell renewal. While it is gentle enough for everyday use, this exfoliating lotion is good enough to use every 2-4 days.

Unlike the Peeling Lotion from the CLARINSPRO line that should be wiped off with each usage and can be used on the eyes, the Brightening Peel is a leave-on that feels sticky and needs a little allowance to be absorbed into the skin. It is advisable to avoid the eye contour area as well. I also saturate my cotton pad and wrap around my finger to reach the crevices eg. the sides of my nose.

CLARINS Whitening Repairing Night CreamS$110

Touted as the first night cream with dual action against causes of skin hyper-pigmentation; controls production of melanin due to daytime UV rays, and speed up melanin synthesis as a result of weakened skin caused by numerous daytime stress factors.

The brand combines the formidable abilities of 2 white flowers that yield brightening efficiencies: the Sea Lily Extract that protects skin against development of dark pigmentation; White Daisy Extract that calms and soothes the skin.

Although I find the cream slightly rich for my skin, thus utilizing a pea-sized amount for each usage. Although I have been using it for months, the brightening effect was minimal due to inconsistent use. The moisturizer leaves my skin supple for the night, but I often wake up the next morning with feeling greasy -a far cry from the Day Emulsion- hence I had to alternate with a lighter product to avoid any possible breakout.

What I really can’t quite handle is the floral scent that I do like, but the fragrance can be overwhelming the next morning. Same goes for their other cream products(hand cream, Extra-Firming Lotion), where the smell can get rather pungent after a while when blended into the natural oils of my body. Or maybe it’s just me…?

The WhitePlus HP skincare range is available at all CLARINS counters; or schedule a Skin Time appointment with their Beauty Specialist for a 1-on-1 session for a better understanding of a better solution for your skin type/concern.

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