SEPHORA Nail LacquerDiving In Malaysia (S$9)
A dupe for CHANEL Peridot, unfortunately I don’t own it hence there won’t be any comparison. Diving In Malaysia is a lovely duochrome of a heavy dose of antique gold with discernible khaki green.

I find the formula slightly thick, which explains why a single, heavy application suffices for opacity. Isn’t the color lovely, like spectating at algae-inhabited coral reefs?

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3 responses to “SEPHORA Diving In Malaysia”

  1. Jaslyn says:

    i have no idea there’s a dupe for Peridot this quickly!

    You dog is sooo cuuuuttttteeeee!

  2. Meg Pegwell says:

    I like how the green shows up from different light angles! Got mine just last week

  3. yaz says:

    Ubber cool

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