CLARINS Eye Quartet Mineral Palettes (S$72 each)
6 new permanent eye quads are being introduced this Fall, each containing four shades of satin and iridescent finishes, with a high level of color saturation and rich interfaces. The pressed mineral powder eye colors are formulated with an anti-pollution active ingredients that protects the fragile eyelids against free radicals and light.

Besides the French brand’s signature pale gold compact with mirror, it includes “2 quality foamed tipped applicators; one for defining the eye and one for shading and blending.”

Violet is a jewel-toned palette with an ample level of color saturation and rich interfaces. The pigments blends well and are crease-free, withstanding the local humid climate and my oily lids to stay intact for up to 9 hours(without primer).

I love the Indigo palette because the cool mix of light shimmers and smoky blue hues didn’t require additional assistance to bring out their intensities. This, on the other hand, made me feel rather despondent despite the dynamic shades in the purple spectrum. Granted that this is a smoky quartet, the fact that I have to use the wet method every single time to amplify the hues really depresses me.

There’s a reason why I don’t enjoy my Arts and Crafts lessons; the use of crayons and their tendencies to get into my nails, and color painting. Dabbling with the palette in the past two weeks made me relive the horrors of the latter. It pains me to dip a moistened brush and stain the pressed pigments even though it is perfectly alright to do so.

Thus after swatching, I shan’t have an ounce of liquid near the compact no more. Side note: I find VICHY Thermal Water works better rather than MAC FIX+ as a mixing medium, because the latter is freaking sticky for me to get the color to swatch properly.

There are alternate methods such as layering on another product, although some may find it impractical. For intensive smoky eyes, I opt for CHANEL Illusion d’Ombre in Illusoire over the amethyst shade on the outer corners. Or replace with LANCOME Ombre Magnetique in Ultra-Lavande to attract sparkly unicorns. (I kid, lol)

“Dry” and “Wet” – Shimmery lilac, Pearl White, Magenta Brown and Amethyst

It took couple of layers in order to get the lilac color to show up, whereas I admit defeat on the Pearl White. The latter works fine as a subtle highlight on the brow bone, and thankfully its satin finish ain’t as chalky as the L’OREAL Summer quads.

While the colors are not unique, this palette is for you who
a) seeks shaded, violaceous colors housed in 1 compact
b) is comfortable with using the wet application
Comparing Amethyst alongside other familiars:

(1) Plummy violet from Neo Pastels palette
(2) Amethyst (“Wet”)
(2) Amethyst (“Dry”)

(2) Amethyst (“Wet”)
(2) Amethyst (“Dry”)
(3) WetNWild ColorIcon Petal Pusher palette. I find this the closest to Iris and is extremely pigmented. Swatched twice.
(4) Shown here for contrast: LANCOME Ombre Magnetique in Ultra-Lavande

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  1. Kelly Reisha says:

    I also like the other blue palette better. The purples are lovely but I prefer bright colors

  2. Cindy says:

    I got the blue pallet after seeing yr other post. Glad I din get thus one. Was twisted for a while abd the others aren’t appealing to me. Greetings from Aussie!

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