The CHANEL Fall Collection had an exclusive launch at its stand-alone Makeup Boutique on the 22nd July, followed by an island-wide availability at local counters a week later. The first round of promotional images whetted my appetite, then came swarms of various blogs with reviews and swatches. When the Illusions d’Ombres finally hit our shores, I procrastinated for two weeks until yesterday which was, I’ll have you know that it was purely unintentional…

From the beginning I only had eyes for Illusoire and Ebloui, and was torn for weeks on which to get, since I only had plans to buy one. Just one. These cream shadows are permanent fixures anyway, so there’s no need to get into a frenzy. Anyway I requested a swatch from the lovely SA Emily and decided there and then to tick Illusoire off my list, since it looked vaguely similar to ARMANI‘s Eyes To Kill in Pulp Fiction. I decided on the maroon-ish Ebloui in a snap, definitely a must-have for those who wear neutrals every other day.

You must be wondering why I have 2. Erm… en route to Borders after making payment, I was suckered into the mauve shimmers that sparkled gorgeously under sunlight. A prompt U-Turn later, and I finally got this extravagant lemming outta my system☆

Illusion d’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Illusoire
According to Temptalia,  it is a “smoky, purple-mauve over a grayish-brown base with a silvery sheen.” The frosty finish gets to me because the mauve reflective shimmers flakes off whenever I feel the texture on the back of my hand. What remains is a slight muted brown base, I think. This recollection is based on what I can remember from the swatches yesterday, don’t hate me if I get it wrong.

Illustrations shown under sunlight and artificial lighting respectively. It was a tedious task trying to snap accurate portrayals of the shade, but they turn out pewter in every shot. Guess I don’t have not much patience today, with only 4 hours of sleep. It is a tad darker than Pulp Fiction, from the jar. The culprits responsible for another $52 handed over to the cashier, these shimmers reflect very subtly that will show its “true colors” when swatched/applied.

Illusion d’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Ebloui
Not the most unique shade but I wanted something to alternate with Pulp Fiction that is so often picked up for convenience’s sake. Besides I paid a hefty US$52 price tag for it, thus this must be utilized as much as can be (lol)

As mentioned, Ebloui doesn’t look all that special, particularly from the jar. My attention to Ebloui was first aroused by Kristie‘s post that looks just like the burgundy shade that I lust for. However it turned out to be a maroonish, reddish-orange on me. Reckon it requires multiple layerings. I did appreciate the glistening multicolored shimmers though they didn’t showed up at all yesterday, probably due to the light swatch. Contrary to Illusoire that flakes upon smear, this one stayed on like a loyalist.

Each d’Ombre comes with a synthetic brush which is irreplaceable, according to Emily, as the applicator won’t be purchasable on its own. Another tip she gave was to turn the pot upside down before each use, so as to allow the ever-sliding mousse texture to move towards the surface.

The LANCOME and ARMANI pots are exactly the same, given that they are under the same parent company, L’OREAL GroupOmbre Magnetique holds 3.5 g whereas Eyes To Kill contains 4g of eyeshadows. d’Ombre has a more luxurious hold and feel to it and comes with 4g of the product. I can’t comment on its quality yet so let’s postpone this discussion to a later date. L’OREAL Paris also has a similar product –Color Infaillible that promises 24 hours of intense color and hold– but aren’t as superior, according to RougeDeluxe.

CHANEL’s obviously doesn’t come with a stopper, unless you want to ham the mousse down like dough mixtures.

I’m not much of a polish fiend, and could not justify paying 35 bucks for a bottle of lacquer that will dry up overtime. So here comes the economical me who looks for dupes! Graphite is a reminiscence of the pewter-silverish one from NATURE REPUBLIC, though I’ve heard the former has a slight gold tinge. It’s a pity this Korean brand has recently winded up its business and left our sunny island. I have quite a few of their polishes, and they are incredibly long-lasting.

The uniqueness of Peridot was tempting but I definitely feel the pinch to buy something that won’t last as long as other products. So, this dupe that came in the form of those mini vernis from SEPHORA. Diving In Malaysia looks to be a gold/Khaki that leans towards Turquoise from different angles. It only cost S$9!!

Wow, this has been a lengthy post. Hope you enjoyed my blabbering and let me know what you’ve purchased or your lemmings from this collection! Alternatively, you might want to check out Café Makeup and TheBeautyLookBook‘s coverages of the 6 permanent d’Ombres.

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9 responses to “CHANEL: Haul, Comparisons, Dupes”

  1. Lori Combs says:

    I order mine from Nordstrom, can’t wait to play with Illusoire and Peridot! Cheers :)

  2. Amy Phua says:

    Awesome haul! I try at the counter but Ebloui just don’t appeal to me. Got Peridot instead aaah! Should have waited for the dupe!!! :-(

  3. Jennifer says:

    I purchased Mirifique & Illusoire to create smoky looks.

  4. Janet Seah says:

    I got Fastame the white shimmery one mainly for highlight

  5. Rei says:

    Lovely haul! I bought Illusoire as well and skipped Ebloui as it didn’t impress me that much. Now you have convinced me to give it a second chance :-)

    • Joyce September says:

      You didn’t? I figured that’s the first one you’ll go for since you prefer earthly tones for work :)

  6. Finley Wiebe says:

    Appreciate you sharing, great blog.Much thanks again.

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