Folks in Singapore, seats are still available –last time I checked– for LA MER‘s upcoming series of workshops. Limited to 14 participants per session – the first one starts this coming Sunday all the way through 2nd August. So call up to register now, I pinkie-swear you will enjoy these hands-on events!

Some of you have been requesting for a review of The Radiant Fusion, mistaking it, myself included, as the main feature in the events. What will take center stage is The Radiant Serum; slated to go on sale from August 2011, and retails for S$445.

The Radiant Fusion works to energize skin cells, and restores clarity to our complexion, it serves as a primer to better receive and boost the benefits of serums and moisturizers. Also available is The Hydrating Fusion for those with dehydration concerns, and The Blanc de La Mer Infusion that contains “potent white sea ferment to radically reduce the appearance of unwanted pigmentation.”

For the observant eyes, you might have notice an emergence of whitening spot correctors in the Asian market this year, designed to only target and dissolve discoloration caused by exposure from the sun or hereditary reasons, this new product taps into the current trend for overall, refined skin clarity and renewed resilience using sea-derived ingredients.

Key Ingredients
Promoting luminosity, The Brightening Ferment targets and reduces the look of dark spots, and incorporates a blend of antioxidants and anti-irritants, preventing acute inflammatory triggers on a daily basis. Working in alliance is the exclusive Blue Algae Lift Ferment meant for strengthening and renewing skin elasticity.

Radiant Waters
Besides their patented Deconstructed Waters that enhances activity in their products with its magnetically charged formulation, in the mix are a trio of Radiant Waters that works in tandem with the key ingredients mentioned above. The Resurfacing Waters exfoliates and accelerates skin cell turnover; The Pore Refining Waters is a skin-boosting element that deep-cleanse, clear and tighten pores with the use of brown algae. Lastly, The Oxygenating Waters restores calamity to stressed, irritated skin, employing another concentrated brown algae that aids in bringing balance to the skin.

In a nutshell,The Radiant Serum strives to improve texture, resiliency and translucency whilst visibly plumping the skin and tightening pores.

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    Thanks for clearing up. Just received yr email but I read your post first. Cant wait to attend the workshop. My very first!!!

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