Some of you have requested for reviews, to get an idea of the various options available at the end of the workshop sessions. Due to time constraints, I will be giving first impressions instead, of the products I’ve got the chance to try.

LA MER The Hand Treatment
For starters, I love the minty scent that is mild and refreshing. The texture is reminiscent of the Crème; it is creamy but spreads easily and turns into lotion upon heat contact. A tiny glob should suffice for each usage, the luxurious treatment feels extremely emollient and lightens up the freckles on the back of my hand. Unfortunately my camera couldn’t capture the before/after results properly, but the brightening effect was displayed rather obvious on my mother’s, who sadly doesn’t have the habit of wearing sunscreen. Gah!!

LA MER The Eye Balm Intense
The highlight product during the Eye On Youth workshop held last Feb – this intensive treatment contains a triple concentration of the famed Miracle Broth and the exclusive Marine De-Puff Ferment that aid in relieving puffiness and addresses wrinkles with firming effects. I can’t vouch for visible results quite yet since the product was implemented into my regime just 2 weeks ago. However I have been practicing the Acupressure Massage though not religiously as recommended.

I was sent a retail size of the product recently; ironically no mention was made nor was a graphical demonstration provided, given that it was developed to align with the Balm/their eye products. It comes with a silver-tipped applicator –designed to pick up the precise amount needed– that stimulates micro-circulation, working in tandem with the Balm for a smoother, firmer appearance.

The lotion gives a jolt of invigorating hydration, smoothing out the surface appearance of my absurdly dry, delicate eye area. The firmness and reduced puffiness were more apparent with the use of the silver applicator, as opposed to massage the product in with fingers.

The product goes on smoother and I was able to spread it evenly with the applicator, facilitating and amplifying the benefits of  the active ingredients. I noticed my drained undereyes appeared firmer, and most importantly, hydrated. Dark circles are still obvious though, which means I need to work more on the Massage!

I especially adored the hydrating aspect, which is evident in the application of the ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Maximum Cover which needs to be blended in quickly before it dries into a gunk cake. Since using the Balm, the (I mainly use it as a)concealer glides on better, and gives me ample time to work it in to conceal my flaws.

LA MER The Radiant Infusion
The potency of this booster that re-energizes the skin for a luminous and vital complexion has cost me to break out. It took a while to isolate the culprit, and I was pretty disappointed because I love how my skin looks perky the next morning especially spending late nights due to other commitments – an apt reason to test out the effectiveness of this product. Unfortunately, the richness doesn’t seem too friendly as it led to a minor flare of red bumps overnight, and a slight discomfort as I resist the urge to scratch. Due to past experiences dealing dry areas against potent concoctions, I put on a hydrating sheet mask as a precautionary attempt – acne cysts only appear on my dehydrated cheeks.

The Fusion nurtures the skin as a prep step  to enhance beneficial ingredients delivered from forthcoming serums and moisturizers. The tightening effect is apparent, but I couldn’t use the product properly to vouch for its pore-minimizing claim. Sesame(Vivawoman) failed to notice any visible shrink of her pores on her part.

LA MER The Regenerating Serum
I nearly concussed while trying to work through the differences between the two: both are collagen and elastin simulators and seem to promise roughly the same results, utilizing different technologies and various key ingredients.

Containing a high concentration of famed Miracle Broth, the serum is further fortified with The Regenerating Ferment and The Marine Peptide Ferment enhances the quality of the skin’s natural ability to replace damaged collagen, delaying the formation of wrinkles. It also contains Colloidal Gold that delivers “smoothing, firming and anti-irritant benefits.”

I applied on my silhouette during the first few trials, and the milky essence dries to a matte finish, leaving my skin feeling smooth. Instead of rubbing, I find patting the product in allows better absorption. It perked up my dull complexion but what lacks in the hydrating department led to accentuation of my dehydrated skin. Subsequently I applied only on problematic areas such as laugh lines and edges around the mouth but didn’t get to enjoy its full effects since the sample only lasted couple of usage.

LA MER The Lifting Face Serum
First thing I noticed straight away was the familiar scent detected in ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair, with similar textures though the latter is slighter more runny with a yellowish tint. The gel-like serum utilizes the Blue Algae Lift Ferment, -also present in the brand new Radiant Serum– is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that helps to restore clarity and improves skin’s elasticity, and carotenoids to protect skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

I highly recommend this serum for those with dry skin; the fluid takes a while to absorb, and may feel slightly tacky due to the inclusion of Glycerin. The lifting promise probably requires a long-term usage to see a visible difference, but the immediate tightening effect can be felt once the product fully penetrates into the skin. I appreciated the hydrating aspect too, as opposed to the matte finish from the other serum.

I have the case of droopy eyes which is probably caused by excessive rubbing during my school days. Apparently no eye cream alone is able to reverse the sagging, except surgery or Botox which I have no intention of getting. I concentrated where the outer corners are turned slightly downward but couldn’t see any lifting effect, given the limitations from a sample. However the applied area felt firmer as the skin hydration is at its optimal, which is better than nothing since wrinkles and crow’s feet form quickly under dry conditions.

This has got to be my utmost favorite out of the bunch of samples I’ve received. The ultralight version is a great option for oily and acne-prone skin, but still nourishes the skin with the same beneficial ingredients(excluding the acne-trigger mineral oil) as the heavy and richness of the original Crème.

Now I’m not afraid to admit of my initial skepticism of founder Dr. Max Huber who claimed that his formulation alleviates the severe chemical burns suffered from a routine experiment, because the original Creme did not produce such miraculous results due to its richness and incompatibility of my then-oily skin type.

I’d observed, okay I GLEE-D that acne-erupted areas caused by the Radiant Fusion were largely reduced and soothed the very next morning. The near-weightless consistency surprisingly alleviates the dry areas around my cheeks, leaving my skin sufficiently hydrated through the night. You see, I was afraid that it would be too light for my dry skin. It also allows makeup to glide over irritated skin easily without the burden of dry patches.

The main drawback is the price, not that I can’t afford it but one will probably use up 2-3 jars in a year which adds up to around $1K. Dangggg! I’ll just add it to the wish list and give myself a treat this birthday or Christmas…

If there’s one item you need to get, I recommend the Eye Balm Intense, the double-duty Refining Facial that can be used as an exfoliator and masque, or Gel De La Mer, suitable for Singapore’s weather. For those who wear makeup regularly, The Cleansing Fluid is a great option as it removes stubborn gunk effectively. Or if you are in the mood to splurge, consider The Poudre.

I apologize if the entry sounded rather delirious, the products seemed to produce the same results with different descriptive variants. Have a blasting weekend!

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7 responses to “LA MER : Selective Overview”

  1. Demogal says:

    Thx 4 the recommendation. Think will buy the eye balm. Can’t wait to attend the workshop!

  2. TresbienSummer says:

    Came at an aptly time! Very helpful. I’m in love with the eye balm already!

  3. Daylife says:

    I’m sold on the Eye Balm too!!!!

  4. Esther Chan says:

    Agree that Radiant Fusion broke me out too. sad I can’t attend the workshops since I will be back in 2nd week of Aug. I just got the balm recently, cannot wait to test the theory


  5. Sally H. says:

    hi Joyce! I just gotten The Eye Balm Intense then regretted a bit. So I google and stumble ion yr blog. Your right the applicator makes the balm works better! My eyes feel smoother and hopefully can say bye bye to my wrinkles! Sorry for my ramble!

    Xoxo from Oregon!

  6. Agnes says:

    Wanna sat thanks for the powder swatch! Makes it easier to gauge if I should get it which I did!

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