I have been battling with acne since puberty, although it wasn’t anything serious. Hormonal bumps would come visit without fail every month, despite avoiding certain junk food. Sometimes they make it easy to subdue, but some would extend their stay for as long as 2 weeks! While spot treatments in the form of clay masks help in absorbing excess sebum, it is a shame that various acne creams NEVER WORK, at least for me.

Besides the usual cleansing and toning, these are some products(except SK-ll FTE that is incorporated into my daily routine) used in the two weeks leading up my monthly cycle:

{+} CURE Natural Aqua Gel
This mild exfoliator comes with a hefty price tag at S$42, which is mostly water –90.66% to be exact– with 5% Glycerin, and the rest made up of minuscule amounts of moisturizing ingredients. The product is water after all; it is gentle on irritated skin to remove dead skin cells, especially on those flared-up bumps.

{+} PAULA’S CHOICE 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Gel
Delegated as a spot treatment, it can be slightly drying on the skin following a long-term usage. This only comes in use when those bumpy friends of mine come to visit, although I haven’t seen much positive effects nowadays. BHA works in getting through layers within the pores and exfoliate built-up skin cells inside the oil gland. Recommendable for those prone to breakouts, this exfoliant also leaves your skin vulnerable under sun exposure. ALWAYS wear sunscreen to stay well-protected from UV light.

{+} SK-ll Facial Treatment Essence
Known for containing a high concentration of Pitera that accelerates the skin’s renewal cycle and enhances quality of skin, this “Miracle Water” creates a nice, tightening effect, and keeps a balance of skin’s PH levels that plays a crucial role when my skin is susceptible to havoc-wreaking sebaceous glands on a monthly basis.

Having voiced out my initial doubts over the healing properties of the Miracle Broth formulated by Dr. Max Huber, I was both surprised and elated when the moisturizing gel calmed down bumps the very next morning. Testing the theory on a hormonal bump that appeared 2 nights ago on my chin which normally takes more than a week to fully heal, a whitehead -full of puss that is ready to pop!- appeared by early noon after applying in the morning. Beat that, you useless bunch of pimple creams, haha! If I weren’t setting funds aside for a birthday getaway, I’ll be plonking on a tub instead!

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4 responses to “fave products used to combat acne”

  1. Jodie says:

    Same here. Pimple creams don’t work for me >.<

  2. Dee says:

    Most acne creams don’t work for my skin either. It takes FOREVER for some of my blemishes to fade. ):
    You make me really want to try La Mer!

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