I’ve given my stamp of approval on the CLARINS Extra-Firming Foundation; a lightweight fluid with an opaque coverage, coupled with hydrating and skin-tightening benefits. Like a relationship that needs to be fed with romantic fires and love bites(check out that heartwrenching DEF LEPPARD track, but let’s ignore the lyrical content!), I sought out potential partners to matchmake with the foundation. This is the main reason why it took me so long to write out a review, I want to make sure they end up happily ever.

{+} CLARINS Barocco Face Palette – I’ve spoken of this formidable pairing previously; the translucent powder matches well with the dainty texture of the fluid. It also doubles up as a soft peach blush, when used with a heavier handling.

{+} CLARINS Hydra-Luminous Powder Foundation SPF20 PA++
The featherweight of the product is like the Extra-Firming Foundation, only that it comes in a powder compact without any skin-tightening benefits. The coverage is sheer but buildable, and imparts subtly illuminance. What sets this apart from the others I owned is the hydrating feel of the powder; the smooth texture glides on easily and doesn’t cakes up dehydrated areas. What I particularly abhor with such foundations is their tendency to settle into fine lines but this product doesn’t. For best results, use the SIGMA F82 Round Kabuki brush. I’ll do a comprehensive write-up in a separate post.

{+} La Poudre De LA MER – This powder goes well with most foundations I’ve tried with, because the micro-fine particles doesn’t settle on the skin. It literally floats and creates a silky veil. That being said, if you already have on a cakey foundation, The Powder will not help in anyway , no matter how expensive it is.

{+} MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural – Ever since I’ve started my affair with the Extra-Firming Foundation, this product has since been chucked aside. I love its natural finish but it just clashes with the product, resulting in a cakey finish.

{+} MAC Blot Powder – This has been my best friend, since we get acquainted back in January. It has been by my side, rescuing from my succumbtion to sebum. The translucency doesn’t add on any weight, despite numerous touch-ups and keeps my T-Zone from looking shiny for hours. However our relationship was cut short yesterday, involuntarily. My friend decided to purchase some chocolates whilst I stood outside, by the wall. Out of anyone’s way. But a nincompoop decided to walk straight into me and knocked my buddy off my hand. He did not even bother to apologize! F!@#$%^&*

in loving memory,
your mourning partner

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  1. B says:

    Hi Joyce, just zipping by to check if you’ve gotten swatches of Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Colour Trio in Pink Sands & Strata?

  2. Mandy says:

    I think I need to invest in this MAC Blot Powder everyone speaks of so highly!

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