SIGMA Tapered BlendingE40
This brush was purchased with a sole purpose of buffing concealers for a natural finish. While I normally opt to using my fingers or a cosmetic sponge to blend the product, yet somehow the results looked unnatural, especially in photography.

There is a smaller version available in the form of E45 but I wasn’t sure of its actual size, thus decided to go with this one. I particularly like its slim yet sturdy handle that is of a nice weight; the ferrel is secured firmly and the taper of the bristles is a perfect graduation.

Although tailored to apply and blend color on the crease, I preferred to use it as a concealer brush. I do not recommend applying products on the skin first, since some, especially those with dry formulas, settle quickly which can be a challenge to blend afterwards.

The softness and fluffiness of the bristles make blending a breeze, but minor shedding occurs with every usage. This might sound dumb, but sometimes I can’t help but think the brush might do a Prince William, that it will go bald sooner or later…

Concealers tend to end up looking cakey with constant contact with body heat, which happens frequently as I try to camouflage the redness around my nose. Fortunately the tapered, rounded top is able to get product in those ‘hard to reach’ crevices

The first was taken from a previous entry, whereas the other was a failed test-shot using Ombre Magnetique hence I implore you to overlook the purple hues (lol)

With the ESTEE LAUDER DW Maximum Cover, note the difference between the 2 looks in which the product was used with fingers and the E40 respectively. I always go in a V-shaped direction to blend with my fingers, but that dreadful blue vein remained apparent as ever. Going over with another layer could accentuate my fine lines, and end up looking cakey.

However not only did I achieve a seamless finish using the brush, blending time has been minimized too. Sometimes I would use it with liquid foundations by “canceling” out areas with uneven pigmentation. I preferred to hold the handle by the end to allow flexibility, and buff in a circular motion for a natural coverage.

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2 responses to “Review | SIGMA Tapered Blending E40”

  1. Mandy says:

    I use a brush to apply my undereye concealer as well! I think the finish is much more natural and blends more seamlessly into the rest of my face when I buff it in with my brush.

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