It’s been 27 days since Milo last made an appearance here, and I’ve been receiving emails from readers asking about his well-being. The resident ASSBUTT has been up to his usual antics – throwing tantrums by peeing anywhere other than where he’s supposed to be.

Remember the Picket and Rail table set I’d mentioned months ago? Milo’s growing intelligence has led him to venture under the table to retrieve things. While he was busy one day going past the stool to get his precious play ball, I decided to play a joke by blocking his exit with a cushion! Instead of panicking and whimper to get out of the situation, Milo does what he do best – give a goofy grin to melt my heart.

Even when locked in the crate for being punished, he reckons his fool-proof smile will do the trick in being let out prematurely. It did, by the way. GAH!

I took this shot while writing up the FRIGHT NIGHT entry; had meant to do an Evil Ed parody but Milo saw no humor in it. Bummer!

You might notice his bulging tummy, which means we have been feeding him well. My friend also have a dog of the same breed and is extremely obese; it would be my worst nightmare to see Milo grow to such enormous proportions…

Speaking of food, this was shot just yesterday before we tucked in to BBQ Chicken Pizza!

Still sleeping at 2 in the afternoon – pig in dog’s clothing!

What a scene – excess love handles (^▽^;)

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