I have been procrastinating to get these brushes. Shipping costs were my main concern, because you know how exorbitant they can be. They cost at a reasonable US$11 so I made a checkout 2 weeks ago and received them over the weekend. Pretty efficient, right?

My purchase comes with a standard complimentary set of brochures introducing the eye and face brushes available and their functions. Also included are instructions on how to care for your beauty tools.

Included is a gift sample upon purchase of US$30 or more – a travel-sized brush.

SIGMA Blending – E25
I like the round-shaped tip that allows to blend and soften eye colors. The natural bristles of the E25 are a far cry from my other unbranded tools; the ones I use are kinda stiff and maneuvering to blend pigments on my crease seem to be an exhaustive effort every time. If you are new to makeup, this versatile brush can be used to apply cream and/or powder pigments, and blend harsh lines. Perfect for achieving smoky eyes too.

SIGMA Tapered BlendingE35
This brush functions just like the E25, but has a tapered, denser tip . The fluffy bristles fit into the hollows better and blends the pigments inwards to the crease, if you want a more precise application.

SIGMA Tapered BlendingE40
Yet another alternative for blending, but I purchased after seeing some gurus on YouTube using it to buff in concealers. I was debating between this and the E45 which is the same but smaller but decided to go with my gut. I managed to get my cream concealer to blend into my skin seamlessly, but would prefer a junior size (lol)

The brush, too, has a tapered but more rounded top that is specifically tailored to apply and blend color on the crease. One can never have enough blending brushes, especially if you’re particular in using one for each application and/or color.

SIGMA Tapered Face – F25
I had gotten this a while ago, but reckon justifying its purchase in this entry would be appropriate.  The large domed, tapered tip is perfect to apply a highlighter because of the dense bristles and ensure that I won’t go overboard to look like a disco ball. I also use this to apply a light wash of color on my cheeks.

Made out of synthetic Sigmax HD filament, the following 2 brushes are specifically engineered to perfectly buff products onto the skin, achieving a high definition finish.

SIGMA F80 – Flat Top Kabuki
This is good to apply and blend liquid, cream and powder products onto the skin. So far I have been using the CLARINS Extra-Firming foundation but the bulky handle seems difficult to handle. Sturdy but I’m probably too used with using a sponger or my fingers. It also might be due to the consistency of the liquid foundation, but I did try to spritz on MAC FIX+ but faced a similar situation.

What sets apart these HD brushes from conventional ones are the Synthetic Sigmax HD filament – the foundation does not absorb into the fibers, which means no wastage. The flat surface disperses the product evenly over my face, without leaving streaky marks.

SIGMAF82 Round Top Kabuki
Similar to the F80 but with a round top that is designed to allow the bristles to apply product under the eyes, and especially around the nose. I use this to buff powder onto the skin; powder foundations have the tendency to “crack” on my skin, the dense brush prevents me from applying too much product.

The quality of the SIGMA brushes are far superior than the one I’d already own, and doesn’t burn a huge hole in your pocket. That being said, just because they are affordable don’t necessarily mean any compromise on quality control.

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6 responses to “Haul: SIGMA Brushes”

  1. Diana says:

    Thanks for the thorough descriptions of each of your brushes. I see so many youtube girls/bloggers using Sigma brushes so I’ve been curious about them- especially since the price per brush is pretty low.

  2. Jane A. says:

    This is a great article. I really want to purchase Sigma burshes as well. I am looking for a really good Blending brush for the eyes, a good Kabuki brush for my powder foundation, and a really good tapered brush.

    • Joyce September says:

      I picked up the basic necessities, great to help you in your future Sigma purchase.

      Hope you’ve received the mud mask :)

  3. Mandy says:

    I currently use Crown brushes but have been interested in trying out the Sigma. I might get a few that you mentioned here because they all seem very functional. Out of them all, which one is your favorite?

    • Joyce September says:

      I have heard about the Crown brushes but haven’t seen many who have used them. Unfortunately, its not fair to show favoritism since they function different, except for the blending brushes.

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