For the first quarter of this year, I have been acquiring an odd quantity of blushes mostly corals and a miserable few in pinks. Having been in a coral phase for the longest time, one day I found myself suddenly on the hunt for a pink blush. Specifically Cotton Pink like Candy Floss.

The very brand that popped to mind was SHU UEMURA with their Glow On blushes. The very blush popular among brides is the P Pink 30, described as pink with peach undertones. They come in 2 finishes – M for Matte and P stands for Pearl. The ones that fall under the latter category are neither matte nor shimmery.

There is a high chance going cross-eyed upon stepping into a Shu outlet *sheepishly points at self* There are 2-3 shades that look exactly like the cotton pink I had desired but was assured that they are totally different. Seriously? I’m starting to suspect that I’m on the path to colorblindness!

Anyway, I had expected to walk out with P Pink 30(P Medium Coral 366), only to be distracted by that flushing shade worn on the BA. At the moment I own 2 Glow On blushes, and none of which is what I had set out to purchase. Ironic, isn’t it? (lol)

SHU UEMURA Glow On BlushP Pink 34 (P Medium Pink 365)
The very culprit that made me forsake candy floss in favor of plums; P Pink 34 is a cool medium pink of deception – it looks slightly reddish from the pan and swatches revealed to be darker than P Pink 30.

Images as shown under natural and artificial lighting, with heavy and light swatches

My eyes glistened to see its potential to have me look like a ravishing bride somebody. Extremely pigmented and imparts immediate radiance onto my cheeks. Pink with subtle tinge of a rosy flush and a slight sheen finish that shows up effortlessly. Looks like I made a right decision to get this instead☆

SHU UEMURA Glow On BlushP Peach 40 (P Soft Peach 530)
This is of a pale peach that appears almost nude that shows up really natural. Unfortunately it won’t show up well for those with dark skin.

Images as shown under natural and artificial lighting, with heavy and light swatches

The blush is pigmented but took a great amount of effort to do a light swatch for photography. Even with a heavy hand, it won’t give that undesired “dirty”  look or one with uneven pigmented skin that some coral/orange blushes would give (eg. Lover & Apricot Sorbet)

I should do a comparison with CLARINS Blush Prodige in Soft Peach, for the swatches look almost similar except that the latter lacks the pearlized sheen.

From left – Pink 34 over Peach 40; Peach 40 over Pink 34

While at the store swatching the Pink 34 to get a better gauge of which to buy, the BA had to layer it with Peach 40. Aren’t they gorgeous? The photos don’t do justice; the pigmented pink doesn’t overpower the peach however it is interesting to note that when you switch things around, the peach took command over the plum pink despite its sheer color payoff.

I also tried to layer Peach 40 over ILLAMASQUA‘s Lover(matte) but results weren’t favorable. Shall leave that for another entry, if anyone is interested. Overall, I love the sturdy, simple packaging.  The powders are finely milled, intensity can be built as desired and functional as highlighters.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, these gems have been overworked. 3 sessions of product photography met with unsatisfactory results and the gloomy weather. Look at the damage, can you hear my heart shattering? They need a break and so do I. Whoever said beauty blogging is easy, I am in the mood to throw pies!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely Easter weekend!

This post has been updated, reflecting the new numeral system following the revamp of the brand’s shadows and blushes. For a complete listing, check out RougeDeluxe.

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10 responses to “SHU UEMURA Glow On Blushes”

  1. Chantana says:

    Is your blushes brush or your fingers were oily when you swatched the blushes? Or else it won’t leave that oily patches.

    Scrap off the top part before the oil getting deeper into the blush(then it will be too late, cos the oil patches will keep forming).. it will product bacterial.

    • Joyce September says:

      Initially I thought it would be a good idea to swatch using a Q-tip, but left patches instead! It’s not oily though, no idea what happened :/

  2. kyung says:

    Hello, would you say the M or P would come out better in pictures? And they are the same color right, just different finishes? I was thinking of getting the Pink 30…

  3. kyung says:

    Hmm, I also can’t tell if p light pink 315 on Shu’s website is the same one as they don’t seem to go by the two digit number…

    • Joyce September says:

      They actually changed the numeric system along with the revamp last year. Your best bet is to head down to the store for assistance :)

  4. kyung says:

    Ahh, bummed…I was looking for a store and see that they no longer have retail locations, only online. I was really going to buy the pink in both P and M but I can’t even tell what is supposed to be which pink on their website.

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