This has been on my wish list for the longest time. I was this close to purchase it the other day but got snubbed at one of their outlet at Ion Orchard. The very same counter that have snubbed me thrice! There were no customers that fateful day which means I was free to try out the texture but nooooo, none of the BAs cared to pay me any attention! With that, I walked away. I might eventually get it online, who knows?

Seriously, if one’s spending power is being judged by the way they look or dress, how would you, the BA, like it if you were given the same treatment? Think about it!

MAC Cosmetics Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer
This was recently added to my To-Buy-Or-Not-To-Buy ever since I got word from the local distributor that the MISSHA concealer has been re-formulated, and the new texture hasn’t been favorable. Judging from the rave reviews online with regards to its coverage, this product is likely to end up in my possession sooner or later.

SHU UEMURA Nobara Cream Cover Stick Foundation
Yes, this is a foundation but does double-duty as a concealer. In contrast with the cold treatment at the Bobbi Brown counter which is right next door, the BAs at this Japanese outlet were freakishly enthusiastic. First I was suckered into 2 shades of blush, which I ended up getting. On my next visit I’d casually inquired about their cream concealers. The BA mentioned that their Pro Concealers are in the midst of being phased out and introduced me to the Nobara foundation. The coverage is desirable, and better than anything else, the hydrating formula means it won’t cake on my undereye area.

ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Maximum Cover
This has been a staple among Ivanka Trump‘s makeup vanities; I have read various online opinions and it sounds promising in terms of coverage and hydration. Can’t recall which EL concealer I had tried at the Sephora-Takashimaya outlet recently, probably the Smoothing Creme Concealer, and I found it somewhat dry and difficult to spread out.

There are numerous concealers in the market, and consumers are spoilt for choice. At the moment, I’m split between the Shu’s Nobara and Mac’s Studio Finish. It helps that both counters are so close to each other at TANGS Orchard, makes doing  comparisons easier!

So what are your current concealer lemmings, any good ones to recommend?

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8 responses to “my concealer lemmings”

  1. I actually have the Bobbi Brown concealer and have been using, quite please with you. Had a wonderful male beauty advisor who was so nice and took his time to explain the product. At the same time, I also bough a blusher, eye shadow and lipstick too.

    • Joyce September says:

      I’ve heard it works very well on panda eyes, but the testers at that particular outlet are dried out. Looks like I gotta head to a different outlet to test the correctors.

  2. Verlyn Lou says:

    I’ve the same problem with Bobbi Brown BAs as well.. That’s why I didn’t get Bobbi Brown products for the longest time.. I rather purchase online which I did..

  3. Dee says:

    Heard the BB and MAC are very creamy and pigmented. Little goes a long way. I hate it when BAs ignore you like that. Especially when you really want to make a purchase and they act like you aren’t even there. Makes you want to throw something on them. LOL

  4. Chantana says:

    I have the peach corrector from Bobbi Brown, and it kinda feel abit weak on my lack of blood circulation dark circle (I think I need dark peach)

    So far, I have no problems leh.. maybe I didn’t check out bobbi brown often! lolx

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