I started reading from an early age, with papers that arrive on my doorsteps every morning. Back then, the Straits Times had a dedicated crime section, which saw me cutting out interesting cases and kept in a scrap book. I supposed that could explain why I’m a fan of C.S.I., Criminal Minds, Law and Order and many other crime-related TV series. (Maybe I should’ve looked into criminal investigation schools!)

Books are a different matter. Everywhere I go, there is always a different title in my hand – every time there is a gathering with my relatives, I would sit at a corner quietly and read. I wasn’t always like that though. The constant teasing from an aunt created an emotional dent on my fragile being at that time, it became hard to ignore despite me laughing it off and putting up a brave front. Eventually I gathered that she meant them as a joke, but that lack of tact and not sparing a thought for a child’s feelings got me curled up, irregardless.

To make matters worst, the teasing continued throughout my school years, this time from my peers, and was I glad to have the worlds of Roald Dahl in particular, to seek refuge in. Sometimes I crave to open a bar of chocolate containing a golden ticket to meet an Oompa Loompa, or raising an imaginary lantern and walking around with bind feet. Each book is like a different realm, awaiting me to climb down the rabbit hole and explore the adventures structured by the authors.  They were my BFFs, long before Milo came into the picture.

To me, having friends is like a luxury. They are not to be taken for granted. Similar to the ones collecting dust on my shelves, I do not like them being manhandled in anywhere. I say the same towards public books – it gets on my nerves whenever someone folds a page. How hard is it to purchase a bookmark, or simply slot in a card or something?!

I have Oprah Winfrey to thank for; there was a particular episode where she invited my favorite author Ken Follett on her show, and announced the induction of  his best-selling novel Pillars of the Earth into her Book Club. In that same episode, she introduced these page markers that can be used to mark memorable quotes or scenes.

They are affordable, and brightens up the dullest book I may have encountered along the way. Besides they make me look knowledgeable whilst bringing them around. “Woah, this girl really knows her stuff, just look at her notes!” Okay, that’s just my wishful thinking, duh!

I’m done rambling for this week, even Milo can’t stand me being so long-winded sometimes.

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