I have been deliberating over getting some NARS, particularly the ORGASM blush. Taking advantage of a spree with a 18% discount, the timing couldn’t be better. Besides getting the popular blushes, I decided to get something from their skincare department which many bloggers seem to have neglected, for reasons unknown.

NARS Skin Hydrating Freshening Lotion
This softener claims to instantly promote hydration and helps to renew the skin by gently exfoliate dull surface cells. The product is a lightweight clear gel that contains Active Phytoseed Complex White Grape Seed Oil and Aloe to re-condition the skin after cleansing.

It comes in a neat slip-sleeve that shows the product on its sides. 2 pumps is all you need for each use; saturate the cotton pad with the solution and start patting onto your skin. Focus on problem areas, in my case I have bumps on my chin which are whiteheads that have hardened overtime, so they will softened in due time and get their long-deserved treatment.

I had gotten this because my skin had started to show signs of dehydration, but it has failed to impress me after using it in the past 3 weeks. Sure, it softens the skin to prepare for the absorption of forthcoming products but the lotion didn’t come packed with any hidden surprises.

For a fraction of its price, I could get the HadaLabo lotion which has a slightly runny texture and yet achieve the same hydrating results. Considering that NARS is owned by SHISEIDO, I actually preferred the latter’s Hydro-Nourishing Softener. My skin felt instantly rejuvenated after each use, there was an obvious difference after using both products.

Having come across several blogs complaining about the packaging, I finally understood their annoyance after receiving the blushes in the mail. They are rubbery to the touch and I can imagine leaving prints all over it after applying foundation and the like. I have considered using a wet cloth but it might cause more damage to the material, so I can only place the cloth by my side and clean my fingers before applying on  the pigments. I’m no fan of depotting my makeup, so don’t even go there.

Each blush comes with a mirror for convenient touch-ups on the go.

NARS Blush in Orgasm
It has been a challenge trying to capture the accuracy of the product, for it looks different from various angles. From the pan, Orgasm is of a pink-peachy shade with subtle shimmers but looks less intense when swatched. The shimmers are more obvious on the back of my hand whereas the pigment transcends into light peach, almost resembling someone blushing at the sight of her crush.

With a heavy swatch, the results justify the name Orgasm, the rush of blood shown on your face after the deed, or after an intense exercise. I caution to apply it with a light hand, making use a fan brush to build up the intensity.

The gold specks are more obvious under bright lighting. A popular dupe is a favorite of mine, Rose Gold from SLEEK. It is also peachy-pink but doesn’t require bright lights to reveal its heavy gold undertones.

NARS Blush in Deep Throat
While I was mulling over which blushes to get, I came across comments that Deep Throat would make a good alternative to Orgasm, for its subtle shimmers. Indeed, the glitters did not skid and slide, unlike the latter where it gets all over my hand with just a simple swipe.

With all due respect, both blushes do not look similar. Deep Throat is peachy but leans heavily on the pink spectrum, but I guess the gold specks albeit subtle(shown here under bright lighting) causes a slight confusion.

Deep Throat is another tricky one to capture – it looks like a delicate pink from the pan, and can be used as a pink highlighter if you wish to layer your blushes. I try to steer clear of pinks because they spell cutesy to me that doesn’t seem to look appropriate on me, but this spells otherwise. With a heavy swipe, the pink pigment looks on my hand but when captured on film, it translates into a nice coral shade, thanks to the gold shimmers.

The blushes have excellent color payoff, and last a pretty long time, depending on your individual application. I find that building up the intensity in small increments allows the pigment to settle on the skin longer, and with better results.

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7 responses to “NARS Haul”

  1. Dee says:

    Was always curious about NARS skin care, but no one really wrote about it, lol. I hear their moisturizers are pretty good. How exciting you have a domain now! :D

  2. Donette Aird says:

    Nice work. You keep working on this blog please.

  3. redberried says:

    Great choice to purchase these two blushes. I prefer Deep Throat to Orgasm. I mean the blush, not the other meaning, no I don’t mean that either, damn, such naughty names!

    • Joyce September says:

      Hi Christie! I get what you mean, haha! I was contemplating on getting Albatross too. It’s like trossing Alba around in a salad bowl or something lol

  4. 53 says:

    Hi!!! May I ask from where did you Purchase your NARS products from? Can’t really find in Singapore :( I want to get those two blushes and a few more as well such as Dolce Vita and Taj Mahal and Exhibit A and Albatross and … Oh u get it. Haha

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