Hey everyone! Before I go off and enjoy the weekend, here are the Acupressure Massage techniques that I have promised. Some of you were eager to learn after I had mentioned about it at the LA MER Eye on Youth workshop held last month.

I personally believe that no matter what expensive cream you choose to slather on your skin, don’t expect miraculous results without employing proper steps for the ingredients to work. This is often why people are complaining they don’t see obvious results after using certain products for months. You must be diligent in your beauty regimen because good skin don’t come by easily.

LA MER Eye Balm Intense is designed to soothe puffiness and diminish appearance of lines and wrinkles whilst visibly lifts and firms areas around the eyes. This Acupressure Massage further boost the beneficial ingredients by de-clogging areas where it is needed such as your dark circles, and improves drainage and blood circulation.

Important Notes!
There are 6 designated points for each technique; while maneuvering your fingers around, notice that you’re going in a “digit 9” movement. Also, always use the ball of your middle finger because it give adequate pressure for this exercise to work. As you move along, roll your fingers gently in a “0” movement. Each technique should be complete with 3 cycles, meaning re-visit the steps 2  more times before moving on to the next exercise.

Upper Eye Acupressure
1st point – outer corner of the eyebrow, which is the space between your brows.
2nd point – moving in; right above your tear ducts
3rd point – above the pupil when looking straight
4th point – where your brows end, near your temples
5th point – the arch of your brows
6th point – back to the starting point (I prefer to go lower, right between my brows)

Lower Eye Acupressure
1st point – position at the center of your brows
2nd point – settle under your tear ducts
3rd point – move your fingers inwards, one space away from starting point
4th point – look straight and settle your fingers right below your pupils
5th point – move one space towards outer corners of your eyes
6th point – settle on the outer corners of your eyes.

Nasal Area
1st point – start at center of your brows, sink in fingers, depress into the hollow and lift upwards
2nd point – moving downwards along your nose bridge, settle where your tear ducts is located
3rd point – move down one spacing
4th point – the line depicts the base of your nasal, which is above the nostrils
5th point – along the contours and above the folds of your nostrils
6th point – depress at the sides of the base of your nostrils

For those with sinus or nasal problems which I have been facing since young, it can be the cause of severe dark circles. So the nasal exercise come hand in hand with the Acupressure techniques. This trick allows you to breath easier by soothing the blockage.

Take note that I have taken the liberty to improve some of the positioning (UE#6; LE#1 – there were 5 steps but I started at the center of my brows because it worked better for me.) Initially I had this idea of using Milo as my model but his eyes lean more on the sides, making it hard to illustrate the steps (lol) and his nose were slightly swollen last week due to a slight allergy. Also, this Acupressure Massage can be exercised with any eye cream of your choice.

As this exercise was not allowed to be posted on LA MER websites, which explains why I couldn’t find much information anywhere on the web, and had to draw up my own illustrations. Nonetheless, a big thank you to the brand’s Training Manager Ms Cecilia Tay, who not only demonstrated the techniques at the workshop but also helped to clear up some of my doubts via email, with patience.

Please do not re-distribute this exercise anywhere. However, you are welcomed to link it back to my post should you wish to share it with your friends. Thank You.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Loren says:

    Thank you for diligently finding out about the LaMer Nasal Acupressure techniques. I suffer from sinus problems, especially in the spring.

    I’ve tried it once and it did feel better after. I will keep it up and see if it continues to bring relief

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